Why This Blog?

Hi, my name is Sarah and I am 32 and I have PTSD

I have just started the EMDR treatment on the NHS and so far these are proving to be an absolute God send.

I have had 10 counselling sessions with RASAC ( Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre) last year, these were very helpful and would recommend there free services to anyone who feels there ready for counselling.

I am also a member of Havoca – a free confidential forum for survivors of all types of childhood abuse.

I have chose to write this blog as a helpful outlet for me mostly whilst I am in the system waiting on therapy but I also hope that someone in need may find it and maybe my words and writings might help them in some way, I will also be blogging about things that matter to me and catagorising them as I go along, I don’t really have a plan I’m just going to see where this blogging journey takes me