Tonight I dragged myself back to my psychic and mediumship development class. I havnt been for months and I really didn’t want to go tonight after all whats been going on but I need to claw my way out of this black hole somehow.

I went in and everyone was pleased to see me which is nice and we all had a chat and everyone was asking how I am and twice I came over full of emotion and how I didnt cry I dont know but I didn’t.

I had 2 messages. The main one was from my dad basically saying I need to snap out of this and hes sorry he wasnt here to support me but he is now. A few other things were said and usually I love messages and giving messages but tonight I feel flat and very sad as if Im being told yes its real you feeling like this and no your not being dramatic as the usual rush of love and happiness that comes when Im doing things like this was absent.

I then got up to give a message and was accurate which I was surprised at as its been a while and my mood is so low.

Im thankfull that its a start on the right path. Baby steps are better than non.


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