I decided to change the name for my blog.

I wanted it to sound more positive.

When I first started this blog it was primarily a place for me write and get things out of my brain as it helps me to do this when my mind has been invaded by a barrel of monkeys but I always hoped that other people would find it and it would be a comfort to them to know we are not alone.

I had absolutely no idea there were so many courageous people blogging about CPTSD/ PTSD and what they had been through and its been a great comfort to me to interact with you all and it makes me feel really proud that no matter what we’re all still here trying and doing our best for ourselves and each other. I genuinely dont know where I would be without certain blogging sites and forums.

It definitely been one of the major contributing factors in assisting me to live a full life regardless off my past so for this reason I am pround to say I am thriving with CPTSD and hope every single person with this does too.



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