###this may trigger####

Im still realing from todays today so im just going to write and write to get this out of my head.

I told my therapist I know I need to forgive my Dad and that when my partner sends me sexy texts or says anything suggestive it make my skin crawl and I panic like im waiting to have to do some sexual act, she was already aware of this but she thought this was to do with when I was 5 or 6 but after thinking a lot this week and trying to match reactions to memories I think this is also to do with my Dad.

I explained how he was taunted me since being about 9 onwards ( I was an early developer) about my breasts and things and basically sexualised me from as young as I can remember, commenting on my weight, asking who im shagging on the park ( I was 12/13 and very naughty but its no wonder really, a child behaves how they are told they are so iv your belitteled shamed and told your a slut from an early age you think that is how you are and how you should be)

Most of his friends and my step family who I am no longer in contact with used to laugh along or laugh it off and I did too.I pretended I was fine when really every remarking was leaving a very deep scar which at the time I didnt realise was happening.

We started focusing on this memory and It went back and forth back and forth. I started to disassociate. It was like deep inside me there was someome screamimg bit it was so far away it wasnt really part of me.

We stopped and she said that is peadofillic you do know that. That shook me to the core. There it was out on the table something I had denied and not beleived for so many years. She then said what do you want to say to your Dad I said I dont know I was squirming at this point and I decided to say to him your disgusting. We started again and I just looked at her and said I cant do it. The thought of betraying my father like like just made me switch off.

How ironic is that? I cant even say your disgusting in my mind to my dead father after all the years of abuse he put me through. It still doesnt feel real. Its like its happened to someone else when its not its all happened to me.

She then went on to say place my hand on my heart that will comfort you as there are nerve endings connected to the brain from the heart. This helped quite a bit actually and my managed to process a few things.

But now I am left with the fact that my father was a peadofile.

Which opens up a whole other can of nasty evillness. My father was a peadofile so does that mean im tainted too? How can I still love and want to protect him now? I feel pysically sick thinking about all of this. Iv basically been abused mentally, physically and sexually right up untill he died which was only 2 years ago. How can I of accepted his behaviour as normal?

So not only the the other 2 disgusting fucks my own father is on the very long list of abusers who arnt even connected how fucked up is that?

A hundred thousand worms crawling in and one my skin right now. This blogging hasnt helped its made it worse.


6 thoughts on “EMDR Session 7 – my skin is crawling

  1. Oh, Dear Living: What you lived with for most of your life was SO WRONG and SO BAD. I am SO SORRY. I have a wish for you: Recognize how brave you have always been and even more now – trying to fix things inside yourself. This is such difficult work. I am so proud of you and send you hugs, if you want them. And good thoughts, always. TS

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  2. It was hard for me to “like” this post because there is nothing to actually like about your words. I had this experience with my therapist too. When they tell you something you have never realized about yourself or someone else it shakes your core. You question everything about your reality. My father also abused me and he has denied even the “simplest” of my memories and I still sometimes protect him. It makes me sick to think anything wrong of him. That was how I was conditioned not to speak. I was taught how awesome he was….to the point that if I ever said anything as simple as he’s disgusting I would writhe in guilt and shame. I still do. I haven’t fully accepted it. But it is soaking in more and more each day. I am so sorry you have had to endure what you have. I will say it for you. It is disgusting. HE is disgusting. I’m really so sorry.

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    • Thank you for your kind words secret keeper, im sorry you experiance this too. I feel like my heart is broke at the moment everything is fussy and messy and the mix of emotions I am feeling at this moment its immense its taking its toll on my whole body. Thank you so much for your comment it really means a lot xx

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