Wow I had a very intense dream last night. I dreamed that I was on the Ship Canal where I live and in the distance there was a massive massive explosion, it was as if it was the end of the world. The fire was burning in the sky and everyone was running away and screaming and the fire was chasing myself and my partner we was running away along the canal and it was if I was in a toboggan and this toboggan went deep down into the murky water of the ship canal.

I managed to get out, I was saturated and we carried on running but these balls of fire kept coming for us and we managed to dodge them but then one engulfed me and then I thought it had burned my face at first but it hadn’t my I looked down and all my chest was scarred.

The next bit we was further along the canal and lots of people where there from school it was like the whole school was there all in uniforms and we were looking for somewhere to hide but all the places where taken. Everyone was waving and singing and we managed to find a little stream and hide under a small bridge.

I have looked the dream up and it seem that there is danger a foot or so the dream meaning tell me as the fire was in the distance and it creeped up on us, also purification and suppressed emotions. Water symbolizes emotions and it was black it was that murky.

Oh lovely things to look forward to then!

If anyone has any insights into this dream I would love to hear your thoughts

I havnt wrote for a while, I have been struggling with the EMDR, I start again on Monday.  I hope it begins working soon.


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