Last night I wake up at 4.03 I was in a deep sleep but I was woken up my hearing a female voice saying the word “Shem” I went to the loo in my half a asleep grogginess and was saying the word over and over in my head rather confused, I have never heard this word before I got back in bed and went to to sleep.

I then woke up from having not a very nice dream at all, I saw a ghost in the bathroom mirror of a young girl with long thing wavy brown hair, I turned round and she was gone and then the next minute I was having sex with someone who wasnt my partner and I didnt want it and I started crying and the next minute a women was running me a massive bubble bath and for some reason I had really long eye lashes. I woke up and I was convinced this dream was real and I was crying and shaking  I felt so guilty on my partner that I had slept with someone else even though I didnt want it, it took me good 10 mins to realise it wasnt really I woke my partner up and he cuddled me till the shaking had stopped.

I then remembered the early women’s voice who had said “Shem” I googled it and it came up that its a bible name and “Shem” was Noahs son. I then looked down and these was another link about what the word actually means, it has lots of variations but I liked this one best, it does go into quite a bit of detail but it means practically the opposite of “Shame”  If you would like to read further into the meaning of the word “Shem” the link is here

I have no doubt that I was visited by an Angel last night to tell me this new word “Shem” I dont quite understand it all yet but the link above with all the information in is slowly making sense to me , I keep re reading it. If anyone is reading this blog please do comment and provide me with some more insight.

I also looked in my Doreen Virtue numbers 101 book and the 403 number has this message:

“God, the angels, and the ascended masters are all rallying around you, giving you extra love and support right now. Call upon them to help you with this current situation, and follow any guidance you receive, as it is an answer to your prayers”

Before all this had happened, I had had a trigger and became upset. My partner, who is not violent or nasty in the slightest,  he is the complete opposite actually, the has the biggest heart I have ever found in a person anyway, he kicked the cats ball and then he banged the fridge but for some reason it seemed like he was banging things in a threatening way and I became scared and I burst into tears and I said to him “I feel like your banging stuff about like your going to hit me” and he just loved me till I had stopped crying and we watched Lord of the Rings so I could get lost in the film to take my mind of it.

I have my EMDR treatment this afternoon at 2pm, I have plenty to tell my Therapist as I have not seen her for 2 weeks now.

Maybe God and the Angels are letting me know I don’t need to be ashamed anymore.  I feel really lucky to have received these messages last night, even if elements of the second dream wasn’t very pleasant I have looked up the other elements of the dream and have found they mean this:

To dream that you are taking a bath signifies a cleansing of your outer and inner self. You are washing away the difficult times. This dream may also be symbolic of ridding yourself of old ideas, notions, opinions, and other negativities. Your dream may be pointing toward forgiveness and letting go.

To notice your eyelashes or dream that they are growing indicates that you are trying to express yourself in some subtle or covert way. It also signifies good luck.

To see a ghost in your dream represents something that is no longer obtainable or within reach. It indicates that you are feeling disconnected from life and society. Try to figure out what the ghost wants or what it is looking for. The dream may also be a calling for you to move on and abandon your outdated modes of thinking and behavior. Dreaming that you are being stalked or haunted by a ghost indicates that you are refusing to confront issues from your past which is affecting your present life.

These dream meanings were found here:

I would really love if anyone reading this blog has any helpful insights on this experience.


4 thoughts on “Triggers and Angel Dreams and Messages

  1. In regards to your husband getting mad and banging stuff…men are naturally aggressive due to testosterone and can become a bit unstable when it is repressed. A great story I heard in regards to this is one about a baby lion being raised by sheep. The lion became docile and lost it’s hunting instinct until a pack of lions attacked his adopted family of sheep, eating all but him. A lion from the pack asked the sheep lion “why are you saying baaaa instead of roaring” and the sheep lion responded “that was my family, I’m one of them”. The lion from the pack showed him his reflection in a pond and said “you’re not a sheep, stop acting like one”. The sheep lion then let out his first roar, all of his confused and passive aggressive feelings dissipate. Men are not encouraged to be men in our society…aside from drinking beer, watching football, and eating at Carl’s Jr., which is far from the definition of manhood lol. Sometimes our aggressive nature comes to surface for no reason because we don’t have many outlets and we are taught to repress emotions that make us look weak (tears, fears, sympathy, etc.). I obviously don’t know your husband at all but thought this might help you understand the true nature of man a little better.

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    • Hi Destro, thank you for your comment and that is a good story with a good being behind it, my partner is lovely he is the least aggressive person I know and he wasnt really being aggressive but as I have PTSD it seemed like he was which made me panic, the noises seemed louder that what they were which then resulted in me becoming afraid


  2. Gotcha, I actually got the story from Tony robbins new Netflix special, it’s called “I am not your guru”. He helps people who have had trauma like mine in the past realize that the pain we carry can be a powerful tool for helping others. Rather than pretending it’s not there, use it as fuel to help others who have had hardships and suffering.


    • Thanks destro I will have to give that a watch, I’m a firm believer in trying to help others who have been through similar as me as it’s not easy I wouldn’t wish it on my worse enemy


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