I wasn’t expecting to post so soon after my last post but what is going on around me really does deserve a mention.

My boss is very VERY opinionated he thinks he is the dogs bollocks and what he thinks and says is right, some how we have got onto the subject of the Law of Attraction and I am a firm beleiver in this and I am applying this in my life as much as I can, he then goes on to to stay he thinks reiki and crystals are also bullshit and starts attacking my beliefs.

This doesn’t upset me, quite the opposite in fact I know what I know to be  TRUE. Reiki has completely transformed my life from an amphetamine addict on the bring of suicide and in  denial about being sexually abused the majority of my life up to that time, living in a 1 up 1 down terrace house which I had let to go to rack and ruin, I only found out about Reiki after I was admitted to hospital after an over dose and 4 years down the line I am not perfect by a long shot as my previous posts will tell you but by God I am a million miles better than back in those dark days.

I stood my ground without arguing and retreated back to “work” well writing this blog but thats karma for you 🙂

No matter what people think or say or try and force there views down my throat I will and always have done stayed true to what I know and that is the love from Spirit and we are all one and on that note I will send him love and light and pray he wakes up.

sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me!


2 thoughts on “Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones….

  1. Perfect…..your attitude is perfect, your beliefs are yours, and that is why the universe responds to you, your boss is fine having his own opinion, but he should always respect others, your right to pray for him, maybe he will see the light !
    Have a good week-end
    Brooke 🙂

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