Oooh I am happy today!

My company have merged with another company and although I have been happy in the 3 years at my existing one, life at work had become pretty mundane and nobody gave a shit really, coming in in trainers, office potty mouth banter at an all time high ( or low really when you think about it) and I had become complacent and it was a chore going to work, I used to drag myself up 30 mins before I was due in and not care about what I looked like. Considering I am General Manager this is not good at all as basic managerial know how is that you need to set the example. I am not going to beat myself up too much about this though as the M.D of our company was the same and he didn’t really give  a shit either, if truth be told.

I have been setting up the new database in the new office today, I have lots to do now and I am getting treated like my role title suggests I should do from the other 2 M.DS which must mean my existing one has to follow suit. I have been given a larger desk and I am sat with them and my  existing role is changing, I was doing everything in the old company but now as we have merged I get to do what I love again – managing and organising and creating procedures and putting them into place! This is a happy day indeed, I now feel like I have more prospects and more opportunities to better myself not only in knowledge as the other company is a different but similar sector to my existing one but also in pay too and that is always nice!

I didn’t realise just how unhappy in my role I was until the merge happened, isn’t it funny the things you put up with that don’t make you happy without even subconsciously knowing you are unhappy with them. Being happy in your work is half the battle too really as you spend  about 50% of your time there.

Gratitude List For Today

1- I am grateful for all new abundance coming my way!

2 – I am grateful for all the much needed changes at work

3- I am grateful for the £50.00 commission I have earned this week

4- I am grateful to have such wonderful friends and our BBQ that we had last night

5- I am grateful to be able to pass my knowledge onto other people

6- I am grateful for all this lovely sunshine and I am hoping it lasts till the weekend

7- I am grateful for my lovely mum as always

8- I am grateful for my lovely home and all I have in it

9 I am grateful for my lovely partner and all that he does for me

10- I am grateful to be able to blog and write and get my feelings out as this makes me feel much lighter


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