I meditated for 30 mins last night, I did a cord cutting meditation with Archangel Micheal which can be found here I love Ross Place the lady who does the meditations she has a very soothing down to earth voice.  Cord Cutting is cutting energetic cords between you and another person. If you have had an argument with someone and you become angry or the other person did the thoughts about it can create energy cords between you and the person and this can cause you both distress. I chose to do this one with me and my partner due to what happened last Friday and I still havn’t got out of shutting down properly yet although it is shifting slowly.  Meditation helps me loads when I am doing it on a regular basis.

My meditation was brilliant, I love seeing the purple and gold colors swimming about and the energy coming over me like a big snuggely blanket, I could of stayed there for hours but unfortunately  it was my turn to make tea so I had to finish and get back to the land of the living.

I managed to get up a little bit earlier this morning and do a 10 min protection one, I have only been doing this one a little while but I really like it,  its long enough to feel the love coming through short enough to do before work, it can be found here

I am feeling the benefits already I cant wait till this time next week as I know I will be fully back to “normal” for a little while at least. I just hate how my feelings switch off its not fair on me or my partner. Until I started learning about PTSD I had no idea that this is what I have been doing in all previous relationships, just switching and boom I was out the door. Still, at least now I know what I am dealing with so I can take different steps to get round it. If you want different results you have to make different choices after all!

Gratitude List for Today

1 – I am grateful the sun has been shining all morning!! Hello Mr Sunshine!!

2 – I am grateful  one of my best friends operation has been postponed whilst they check her heart more, she has been dead worried about this

3- I am grateful to be going on a works do tonight and they have crayfish on the menu!

4- I am grateful to feel the angelic presence when I meditate

5- I am grateful to have such a fun working environment]

6- I am grateful my lovely cats eye is getting better and its more manageable

7- I am grateful to be going to see my uncle in Chester this weekend for his 60th Birthday

8- I am grateful to have wonderful caring neighbours and we help each other out lots

9- I am grateful to have given a younger friend advice when she needed it yesterday

10- I am grateful for me, for all I have been through and go through I still bounce back




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