I am big into spirituality and have been since my hospital incident in 2012. Something happened that night I overdosed on amphetamines I know this deep in my soul. Since then I started having Reiki, learning about chakras, angels, the law of attraction and its really helped and comforted me on this higgildy piggildy journey I am on. I became Reiki attuned in 2014 and I turned my spare room into a therapy room and I provide this in my spare time I absolutely love it.

Every time I have a “low” all this gets put on the back burner which is so ironic as its the one thing that makes me feel good. Even as I am writing this blog my heart is beginning to glow as I know Im coming back round to the bright side. One of the things I used to do every day was to write ten things I am grateful for, this can be anything going on it your day people, things, the weather – you would be surprised at how much this makes a difference in your life so this is what I am going to do on here every day so here is my first list below:

1 – I am grateful that the low I have been experiencing is passing

2- I am grateful that my first EMDR session was a pleasant experience

3- I am grateful the sun has come out for my walk to work this morning

4- I am grateful I have a job that allows me to take time out in the day to write this blog

5- I am grateful my partner and I have got through my PTSD episode and he is learning more about it

6- I am grateful I have the most naughty but loving cat that brightens my day every day

7- I am grateful for good work friends who love the banter and we get through the day together

8- I am grateful for all my Havoca friends who help me get through the day and that no subject is taboo

9- I am grateful I made this blog as I am conversing with new people and learning new things and its helping me offload my thoughts

10 – I am grateful I have a lovely mum who has now accepted what has happened to me and out relationship grows stronger every day.

So there you have it there are the 10 things I am thankful for at this moment in time, I have read the list back and I feel really happy with it and I am content with everything. There is always sunshine after the rain even though it never feels like it at the time.






2 thoughts on “Sunshine After The Rain

  1. This is an awesome idea. sunshine, flowers, herbs, my cat Molly, my husband, Samuel, my grand-kids, two sons, warm and open hearted daughter-in-laws, lovely home, kitchen sink looking out to the gardens, OH Dear! That’s over ten and I just got started! Thank you, I needed this!!!!

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