I had my first EMDR session yesterday, I am very pleased to report I found it very relaxing, the first sessions was to find my “Safe Place” I told my therapist I don’t have a safe place as such so she tried a different approach. She had noticed that I have a tattoo on my wrist which is of Angel wings and the word “Faith” wrote underneath it so I explained I believe in Angels and try to do lots of Angelic Meditations so I decided that my safe place would be on a beach in Northumberland which Archangel Micheal on the beach with me. Obviously this is my safe place you don’t have to have an Angel or a beach just something you can visualise.

She asked me to pick 2 incidents that have upset me but on a low scale of distress I did this and then the EMDR started. The best way I can describe it is that you are in meditation and there is someone there talking you through your feelings and asking what you are feeling about it, this allows the negative feelings to come up whilst you are in the safe place. She then touched my hands back and forth back and forth as this helps the memory arise. Once this happens you then visualise your guardian who is with you in your safe place and then the memory sort of bubbles out of your head. A very pleasant relaxing experience and not scary at all!

Next week we are going to do more intrusive memories. I thought I would be frightened but I am not. I felt a deep peace whilst it was being performed.

My therapist is a lovely lady and have a lovely soothing voice, I have great hopes that is going to work wonders 🙂


2 thoughts on “First EMDR Session – Pleasantly Surprised!

  1. I have an app “Anxiety Release” on my phone. It’s based on EMDR. You put ear plugs in and listen to this guy. You also hear beeps in alternating ears throughout the whole thing. He has an accent, maybe Australian, but his voice is really soothing. I’ve used this at times when I’m anxious and it is effective.

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