This is the follow up to my blog post on Friday, if anyone hasn’t read it who is reading this and would like to please click here

After being totally furious with my other half on Friday I decided to go the pub after work with a few work mates. What good for the goose is good for the gander after all. I stayed and had 4 drinks and then my female work friend had to go so I left too as there was only 2 lads left who were about 20 – 21 so I decided to go home as at the end of the day two wrongs don’t make a right. On my way home I called one of my best friends and she was going out with another couple of girls so I thought fuck it I am going out I haven’t had a girls night out for months now.

When I got in the other half was looking very sheepish and sat reading my PTSD info that was given to me off my therapist. ” Are we ordering a Papa Johns Babe?” said my other half “Nope I am off out with the Girls” – Sheepish turned to very sad indeed. Rule number one dont be a C*nt as I can be the biggest one going.

Off I went out with the girlies and I had such a good night also I was very pissed. I phoned the other half and said you better come and get me the police are shouting at me as I have took my shoes off and now I cant get them on and came and got me and I threw them at him apparently but in the midst of this drunkard state I also threw my phone so now thats a job for my insurance.

I said to him in the morning as he was still apologising for what happened on Thursday “its done now babe lets draw a  line under it and get on with everything” and I have forgiven him, I do believe him when he says he didn’t realise how it would look but I still feel like stone. My feelings just switch off like a button there still not back today. Heart as cold as ice.  Hope they come back soon as he is a decent fella and he doesn’t deserve to be frozen out. I have my first EMDR session today lets see what that brings.





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