I went to my first therapy meeting yesterday. I will try and give as much information as possible so that if anyone does read this that is going for it can get a good picture and maybe wont be as worried as I was.

It was at the my local IAPT ( the NHS’s service for psychotherapy) I went in and my lady therapist seemed very nice – be prepared to fill out lots of questions like how you are feeling on a scale to 1 to 10 – if you are going for this she said I should of received this is the post but I hadn’t so I had to do it there and then – if it does eventually come I will take a photo for you and add it to my blog so you know what to expect. Once I had done this she then asked me to tell her what I had been through. Obviously this is hard. I did so the best I could but I could feel my brain starting to fog over and my words were not coming out straight. This was difficult but iv been through worse.

She then gave me another load of questions to fill in – my mind is blank now as to what they were, my memory is not the best. Some where to find out if I have dissociative disorder, she said I show signs of this too.

I think she then went on to tell me about the differences between EMDR and CBT Level 3 – CBT level 3 sounds horrendous to be honest constantly writing and re reading your story, defiantly not for me that one, she did say I could change over from each one at any time though which is always a thought.

I feel very blar-zey about the whole thing to be honest, I am very tired today couldnt sleep last night.

I have home work with the EMDR – she wants me to write a time line of events form start to finish. I was never very good with home work how is this going to be different now? She has also gave me a booklet to give to my nearest and dearest to read. This has made me laugh a bit to be honest – ” Alright babe here is a leaflet which explains why your gf is a phyco” blooming marvelous!

So this is account of the first EMDR Meeting. I will keep you informed when the actual therapy starts



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